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Over a century has passed since Gruppo Tessile Monti set up in Italy in 1911. Through the decades, Monti has grown into an institution of fine design and craftsmanship, weaving Giza cotton into intricate yarn-dyed cotton shorting fabrics that have changed fashion and influenced the world’s leading brands.

Tessitura Monti India Pvt. Ltd. (TMIPL), installed a facility in India at the pleasant town of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. With a complete hold on the trends in local production as well as in global markets, a goal was set to provide premium yarn-dyed fabrics to cover the demand for fine shirting fabric.

In the beginning, the unit started as EOU & the production facilities were primarily for weaving. In time 200 looms were set up. The facility is well equipped with modern processes for dyeing yarn, warping, sizing, and weaving. With over 900 employees the facility covers an area of 20,000 square meters.

With processing machines installed, the management took a strategic step of entering into the domestic market by supplying goods to the organized premium Apparel brands & the Over the counter retail (OTC) market through distributor channels.

As of now approximately 60.0 million USD has been invested into this unit so far. The Unit operates in complete sync with Italy Unit by delivering the same quality standards with the advantage of a price benefit to the buyers on bulk purchases.

The employees in the unit are trained by their Italian counterparts and hence the legacy and expertise of a hundred years is well reflected at every step of production.

The quality of fabric in poplin, twill, oxford, stripes, checks and all yarn-dyed products starts with the selection of the best quality Egyptian Giza yarn followed by using high quality dye agents.

This is subjected to a modern and progressive manufacturing process and very stringent quality control, where finally every meter of fabric woven is thoroughly inspected.

It is this unwavering quality that has influenced customer expectation, putting us ahead of our competitors.

TMIPL understands the importance of impeccable service and hence we provide the best service when compared to our competitors. This necessitates optimum logistical control of material flow through the plant and a very careful and precise scheduling in the preparation and weaving departments, which is being managed centrally by our head quarters in Italy. Through the dynamic management of the company, modern manufacturing equipment, finely tuned logistics and a very well trained and motivated group of employees, TMIPL has the capability to face the ever-increasing challenges of the international market in the future.