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Spring Summer 2013
A creative surge; this summer keeps pace and even surpasses the creative surge seen last season, offering designers a wide range of newly compartmentalized orientations. Both a lighter and a more robust, sturdy touch were easy to see and the digital revolution that stalked the salons bore fruit for menswear, too, with prints and engineered trickery. Linen was rehabilitated in all its forms, while cottons and summer wools continued their game of sartorial deception. Deliberately weighty cloths dominated the washed casual categories, but our attention was caught by a cool, languid and pale delicacy too. Bold colors shouted for attention in checks and stripes, while blues in all their guises grounded ranges with their sure, commercial touch.

Quiet radical: Subversive prints degrade looks set the scene. Painterly and patchy finishes work with bubbly seer suckers and papery cottons in a cool, pebbly, monochrome and square cut jeans wear story

Camperman: A light sun drenched coolness works thready linens with lightweight, washed matt cottons. It’s a traveling holiday vibe, at ease with its free mix of prints and patterns in longer line, wafer thin summer silhouettes

Lean libertine: Freestyle combinations of summer darks sees richer, more tactile garment wash and wear effects combining chunky hemp looks with light weight, elongated shirt layering, and a new take on a summer ‘camo’ look links a robust performance style with technical cottons

Mr. Pearl: Retro volumes and contrast develop a contemporary take on a 1950s zoot silhouette, channeling a pearlescent feminine code with subtle changeant pastel ombre, vintage space dyed accents and even a touch of lace.

Frank: Bold, neat and designed to be noticed. Impressive pattern proportions play with a Key West sports coat mix. Flame reds are tempered with a sunny yellow and a cool blue in a noisy madras, harlequins, stripes and textures set against matt oxfords, spots and dots. Fun will be had!

Inked sharp: Couture detailed indigos in all versions, weights and washes, from a tough luggage canvas style to voile shirting weights are used in this more mannered, clipped and sharply formalized version of jeans wear.