About us

Over the past century Tessitura Monti has grown with refined creativity and innovation. Like crafting fine Italian wine, our designers pour in passion, dedication and the thirst for creation to turn Giza cotton into works of art. Our seasonal Collezione includes a wide range of innovative weaves and designs from formal, classic and sportswear to cater to premium segments.

Our collection is every time in the line with the tendencies of the market, especially closer to the refined shirts. Our designers have directly contacts with the customers and they travel the world putting in the collection the best inputs they received... 


Spring-Summer 2020 collection by Tessitura Monti presents new color combinations, special yarns and advanced finishing processes connected to the constant use of best quality raw materials: the results of this innovative search are fabrics matching refined aesthetics with comfort and excellent performance.

The presentation of the styles and themes has been renewed to make the collection more precise and easier to view: a specific subject is described, by graphics and color, in a complete way by exploring different combinations of textile bases, special yarns and finishing techniques.

The use of color is in an elaborate and eclectic palette (allowing both elegant and casual interpretations, suitable for men's wear and women's wear shirting). Tone-on-tone combinations have rich and intense shades; also pastel colors are bright and strong but associated to medium and less saturated tones.

Grounds are extremely white and they enhance the beauty of color interventions, also off-white is not missing, expressing elegance and refinement.
The most important color themes are four: blue in all its shades, from turquoise to indigo, from cerulean to periwinkle, to conclude with royal blue used in both pure and matched to pastel tones; new red and pink developed in several nuances; olive green contrasting "fresh" sorbet colors; sorbet colors; novelties also in beige / brown / orange renewed in their brightness, for a season rich in wellness and positivity.

Textile bases become in general more compact resulting in slight increase of average weights.

Hand feel through all the articles remain smooth and soft, resulting from the use of the use of micro Tencel (obtained from eucalyptus wood, grown and extracted in a sustainable way), Cupro and Finest Giza Cotton counts.
New and different typologies of plains and stripes with original style concepts are drawn on rich and defined popeline bases and structured constructions, or simply enhanced by the presence of small structures.

Significant is the development of linen bases, starting from very light weights like voile to the more suitable for over shirt or luxury and light summer jackets.
The trend to use mouliné yarns and mélange yarns is still present, with new and more brilliant colors, Emphasis is on research and development of performing and functional fabrics, from wrinkle-free to comfort stretch (with elastic yarn Xlance ), and those with thermoregulation properties (using 37.5 Technology ).

Exclusive Designing
Special Exclusive Folders like RIVIERA LINE, EXOTIC 54, SYMPHONY COLLECTION & SYMPHONY BLUES are containing finest collection of designs & colours.
The bond of loyalty is strengthened through reward, and so exclusive designing is a service offered to loyal privileged clients.

With a dedicated team in both India and Italy, the studio crafts signature fabric for those clients who prefer Monti.

Delivering over 5000 designs every season, the design studio has an archive of over 10 seasons triggering future inspiration and charting a course in fashion trend history.

WHITE GOLD, the precious collection from Monti is a unique collection of more than 50 weaves and structures in variations of white.

Constantly re-assorted with new structures, the whiteness Index of Yarn-Dyed Cotton products manufactured by TMIPL are the best in the Industry.