Fabric care
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  1. For garment care please follow wash care label instructions provided by garment manufacturer.
  2. It is preferable to wash the fabric in cold water before stitching the shirt to achive best fit.
  3. Monti shirting fabric is preshrunk & the maximum residual shrinkage in warp & weft is from 0 to -2 %.
  4. Monti shirting fabric with linen is having residual warp shrinkage from 0 to -2 % & residual weft shrinkage from 0 to -3 %.
  5. After washing avoid sqeezing to remove water. It is better to spin dry to reduce water in wet shirt.
  6. Dry on line under shade. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.
  7. Always prefer soft water for washing your shirt.Use of hard water for washing the garment can ulter the handfeel & the look of the shirt.
  8. Maximum washing temperature should be 60 C.
  9. Use of chlorinated water for bleaching of shirt is not recommended.
  10. For better ironing use of steam iron is an advantage.Alternatively moisten the shirt with a little water spray before ironing with normal iron.